FIR Mat Therapy Session
FIR Mat Therapy Session
FIR Mat Therapy Session
FIR Mat Therapy Session
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FIR Mat Therapy Session

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Book a FIR Mat Therapy session here at The Wellness Market- 207 Gene Autry Drive, Tioga Texas and feel rejuvenated from the healing powers from Far Infrared Heat and Negative Ion Therapy in a comfortable wellness mat that you lay on while you relax. 

Taking the time to unplug and unwind is essential to health & wellness. 

Immerse yourself with the feeling of warm and life giving that nature provides from spending time in the sunshine walking along the beach from the Far Infrared heat side of the light spectrum. 

Q:  What is FIR Therapy?
A:   FIR Therapy is Far infrared heat therapy.  A FIR therapy mat generates heat by using an electrical current to heat up healing amethyst crystals which radiates the heat. This kind of radiated heat from an infrared mat will penetrate the skin more deeply just like how we can feel a deep warmth from the sun. It’s this ability of deep penetrating heat which gives the therapeutic abilities of FIR Therapy mat. The heat opens up our blood vessels and relaxes our muscles allowing blood to bring needed nutrients to cells and giving our muscles relaxing time to recuperate.
Q:  What are the benefits of a FIR Therapy Session?
A:  Benefits (results will vary):
*Over-all increased sense of well-being
*Reduction of pain and stiffness
*Muscle and joint relief
*Reduction of chronic fatigue
*Helps with back pain
*A sense of calm and relaxation
*Increased blood flow and circulation 
*Increased oxygenation in every cell
*Helps with anxiety
**Results will vary. This system does not claim to cure or treat any disease or injury.

Q:  What does a typical FIR Therapy session entail?

Sessions are about 45 minutes in total including filling out an intake form and waiting for the FIR Therapy Mat to reach temperature. You will remain clothed and laydown on your back on the FIR Therapy Mat as you begin to unwind and relax while the heat and the negative ions generated from therapeutic amethyst crystals work to rejuvenate your body. During the session you may request the temperature to be increased or decreased as you please.  Total time on the mat is typically 30 minutes per session. 

**After your session you will get a complementary water.

Once you book your session online we will get back to you through email to schedule a day and time for your service.  Please make sure to provide a good contact email for your session.  Session times typically occur during normal business hours at the Wellness Market:  

Tues: 1-5PM

Wed: 1-5PM

Thurs: 1-5PM

Friday: 1-5PM

Please arrive 10 minutes early to fill out paperwork and get settled in. 

DISCLOSURES:  As with all Wellness Services we recommend that you consult with a physician before you begin any service.  It is not recommended for anyone younger than 18, while pregnant. 

Consult your health professional before the first use.

Never use heated stone mats, pulsed electromagnetic fields emitting pads, and other products if you are (or may be) pregnant, use pacemaker or defibrillator, have organ transplants, mental disorders, acute inflammation, acute illness, swelling, or inflammation, fever, high blood pressure, or any other serious health conditions.

Do not use if you drink alcohol, take drugs or sleeping aids, or medicines impairing heat sensitivity or decision taking.

Use only with doctor’s approval if you take general medicines, are immobilized, have chronic diseases, heat insensitivity, mental disability, heart issues, or any other health conditions, or if you are going to use on the highest heat settings or for extended periods.

Drink a lot of water and replenish minerals to avoid dehydration.

For your safety, we start slow- with moderate temperature sessions of less than 122°F (50°C) and use for not more than 30 minutes 2x times a week.

These products or other statements have not been evaluated or approved by the FDA. FDA registration of the manufacturer does not mean that the product is approved for medical use, treatment of any diseases or medical conditions, or can be a replacement of doctor’s advice or traditional therapy.

The manufacturer does not claim that these products will heal or cure any symptom, diseases or medical conditions.